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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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peerage, by way of getting rid of him ; he is so dull they can scarce drag him on.
The English troops in Flanders march to-day 2, whither we don't know, but probably to Liege: from whence they imagine the Hanoverians are going into Juliers and Bergues. The ministry have been greatly alarmed with the King of Sardinia's retreat*, and suspected that it was a total one from the Queen's interest; but it seems he sent for Villettes and the Hungarian minister, and had their previous approbations of his deserting Chamberry, &c.
Vernon is not yet got to town; we are impatient for what will follow the arrival of this mad hero. Wentworth will certainly challenge him, but Vernon does not profess personal valour: he was once knocked down by a merchant, who then offered him satisfaction—but he was satisfied.
Lord Essex 5 is dead: Lord Lincoln will have the Bedchamber ; Lord Berkeley of Stratton" (a disciple of Car-teret's) the Pensioners ; and Lord Carteret himself probably the riband7.
As to my Lady Walpole's dormant title8, it was in her
2  The troops advanced so slowly that they did not cross tlie Rhine until the middle of May.
3  In the territory of the Elector Palatine.
4  He  had  been out-manceuvred, and was  obliged to withdraw into Piedmont,   leaving   Savoy   at   the mercy of the Spaniards.
6 William Oapel, third Earl of Essex. Walpole.
6 John Berkeley, fifth Baron Berkeley of Stratton; Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard, 1743-46; Treasurer of the Household, 1755-66 ; Captain of the Gentlemen Pensioners, 1756-62 ; Constable of the
Tower of London, 1762-70; d. 1778.
7   Of   the   Garter,   which   lord Carteret did not receive nntil 1749.
8  The Barony of Clinton in fee descended to the daughters of Theo-philus, Earl   of  Huntingdon, who died without   male  issue.    One  of those ladies died without children, by which means the  title lay between the families   of  Eolle   and Portescue.   Bang George I gave it to Hugh Fortescue, afterwards created an Earl; on whose death it descended to his only sister, a maiden lady, after whom, without issue, it devolved on Lady Orford.     Walpole.— (See Table I a.)